Jesse Labelle - Get Away With It

January 05, 2018

Taken from our "In Love" playlist :

Jesse Labelle. This French consonance name does not tell you anything in France. And that's a shame. We hope to change things, then!

This Canadian man, based in Nashville, has a good score of over 2 million plays on Spotify. A new EP is coming soon, and "Get Away With It" is the second extract.

Jesse told us the story of this song: ""Get Away With It "was a song I received a few years ago (that means I did not write the song but some of the writers thought I would be the right person to record it.) The first time I heard it, I completely agreed."

Well, we agreed too! From the first seconds, Jesse Labelle takes us into a very professional world.

We feel that the artist can use his voice with a high perfection. And this musical genre suits him very well!

In a country-like atmosphere, the song tells the classic story of a classic "boy meets girl story with a very appropriate Nashville-in-a-bar-probably-in-midtown-or-broadway theme/story", as Jesse says.

"What I’ve always loved about the song is how much its about having a good time, while remaining endearingly romantic throughout. The song is exactly who I am as a musician and singer and really allowed me to showcase my guitar playing and vocal range. Its also one of my very favorite songs to perform live."

We, also had a great time, and hope you too!

Available on Spotify, and iTunes.

Included in our "In Love" playlist on Spotify.

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