Jaguar Sun - Those Days

May 17, 2020

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If you were looking for a sound to wake you up gently on Sunday morning, here it is!

Behind Jaguar Sun is Chris Minielly, a talented multi-instrumentalist from Ontario (Canada).

If you love Panda Bear or Fleet Foxes, you're sure to be made for Jaguar Sun's music.

"Those days", as the artists says, "is a bittersweet remembrance of old relationships and nostalgic summer trips.

It’s a song about holding onto old memories just long enough before you let them go and move on".

So we all agree that this is what we all need right now!

The music video, full of nostalgia and very comforting, accompanies a soaring melody, where the vocals are delicately posed, almost as if they were in the background.

A brilliant production gives this song all the qualities to be on Indie Music Center: strong emotions, and chills!

A gem you'll find in our Spotify Playlists : "May 2020" and "Indie Folk Gems".


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