Jack Keyes - Skyscraper

January 13, 2023

Let's take a trip to Kentucky to meet folk artist Jack Keyes. After two full-length albums ("The Moon Is Too High" in 2021 and "Dissolving in Dusk" in 2022), the artist is back with a new single where many instruments blend together wonderfully. A nice teamwork with violinist Ellie Ruth, drummer Fiona Palenski and saxophonist Bladder Groody performed at the LaLaLand studio in Louisville.

As Jack confides:

"Skyscraper is a celebration of the wonderful musical community I've found in Kentucky. I recorded the song at a studio just a few miles away from the school I teach at, with contributions from friends I've met throughout my musical journey in town."

Yes, you read that right, another teacher! We already have a few in the IMC community, and we find they all have a little something extra: that love of transmission. To transmit knowledge, of course, but also to transmit emotions through music. And Jack's comforting and warm vocals easily create a cozy atmosphere where all you need is the plaid and the cup of tea (you manage the logistics, we take care of the soundtrack).

Precise writing and organic, flowing production make "Skyscraper" the kind of song you can listen to and repeat all day long without getting bored. Full of poetry and necessary perspective, the song is best listened to in a calm environment with your eyes closed. We tried, we loved it.

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Written with love by Niko.


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