I Am Nova - Things I Should Have Told You

December 11, 2020


And it comes again ... from Sweden! After Tiny Fighter a few days ago, Sweden still delights us with its great artists and bands. But this time: warning! The magic operates from the first seconds of the intro of this incredible track. If you have a sudden urge to dance, don't panic, it's okay. If your body has lifted on its own, then follow it. And for I Am Nova, this is not a first try: the superb "Strangers" single, with its epic ending, has gathered nearly 500K streams on Spotify. And we understand why. Carl-Oscar Korenado and Jonathan Larsso are geniuses. With a strong and powerful melody, I Am Nova hits very hard for their new single! Their ability to transform an apparently not very happy subject (a complicated relationship) into a festive anthem is fabulous. We love everything about this song! From the very professional production, to the perfectly mastered vocals, with powerful and perfectly matched choirs, from the hook of the chorus to the careful writing, there is no fault. On the other hand, there is a risk that you must take into account: the risk of addiction. When I received this song, it was very difficult to be satisfied with just one listening. The replay button is still suffering, and his lawyers beg me to leave it alone.

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Carl-Oscar's point of view :

The song came to us as we were in the studio for a writing session together. Jonathan came up with the chords, and I just played something to it. It later became the guitar melody that goes through most of the song. We felt directly like this is something that we want to work more on, however it took us a while. We were signed by a record label and everything moved very slowly. But we kept on working on the song, and the lyrics eventually came along. I wrote the lyrics about my first girlfriend, while being together with my second girlfriend... I don’t know if it’s a moral thing to do, but when it comes to you it just comes to you. It’s not a love-song per say, but it’s about having to bury words and emotions inside your own mind and not sharing them with the person they are meant for. Me and Jonathan went away and rented a cabin for a week where we finished the song. The production is pretty straight forward, we wanted it to be simple and “in-your-face” sort of.

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Biography :

Carl-Oscar Korenado and Jonathan Larsson, learned to know each other in school as six year olds and have played together in numerous different constellations ever since. I Am Nova started in 2012, and was initially a pure passion project. Unexpectedly, the song “I Need” gained huge popularity in their hometown, which inspired the duo to write and release more music. When their second single “Strangers” was released, they earned a nationwide fan base, which opened the door for I Am Nova to tour with their unique live energy, filling the holes of indie rock hearts all over Sweden. However, living in different parts of the world, Carl-Oscar in New York City and subsequently on Iceland as a professional football player while Jonathan has studied music production and sound engineering back home in Sweden, has made it difficult for the duo to pursue and focus on the I Am Nova project. But the shared passion and dedication to write and play their own dynamic and forcefully vigorous music led them both back to the studio where they’ve now spent months and months together, letting everything else go.


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