How to "Succeed" in Music and Get Famous?

21 juillet 2019

If you're on this page, it's probably because you're talented, motivated for your musical projects(If not, then you're probably not in the right place.)

Here, we'll see how to succeed in music, a kind of eternal subject which stays on loads of indie artists mouths.

Is there a miracle way? Is there a step-by-step method to follow? First of all, you have to know what you're talking about.

What means success, according to you ?

Artists often fill their head of goals and dreams that are not theirs, thinking that there is only one way to succeed in the music industry.

For many artists, success means signing a contract with a label, getting aired on national radio stations, turning worldwide, becoming rich, being famous, getting millions views on YT...

Hey! Wake up! This is a fairly "mainstream" point of view, about success!

But there are many other ways to succeed through your music and making money.

After all, this last element is essential: for musicians who don't seek a mainstream success, the success is more about being able to get up every morning and do something we love, without any  constraint or fears about tomorrow.

It's only about living thanks to music.

But what about you? What does "success of a musical project" means for you?

It's really important to answer this question first, since your answer will determine the different actions to be performed.

Are you looking for glory and celebrity? Fine. There's nothing wrong with that, but... Come on! You have to be honest with yourself!

The big deal : being visible

By following this way of thinking, if you still read this article it is most likely either because you didn't get signed by a label, or didn't get a project which reached national level, either because you're

not earning enough today thanks to your musical project to devote yourself to 100% in a serene way. Well, in both cases, the real deal is about your visibility.

Indeed, no label will deal with an artist or a band with low money potential. And of course, it's quite hard to live thanks to your music when the audience for a project is a few dozen or even hundreds of people.

So, how to look forward? The truth is, and we can tell : you're not alone in your case. 

Thousands of artists and more or less ambitious bands try each year to break through and achieve some success all by themselves. 

Even though we should not consider them as a competition, it's unavoidable to distinguish ourselves from them

Your voice must be heard and recognized despite the rush.

Fortunately, it doesn't mean making a bad buzz, wear extravagant outfits or clashing at all costs.

Through your branding, your universe and your marketing actions, you'll give movement to your project.

photo-1468270738566-d3ec1f179d5c.jpg (33 KB)

How to succeed in music ?

Having goals and dreams is not enough to succeed. You need a strategy. And this word is not only suitable for a CBD, or in a bank.

Waiting, and doing nothing won't help you, for sure!

So, depending on your ambitions, it is important to use the following tips correctly :

- Performing: concerts and festivals are the best way to build your fanbase locally

- Building an online marketing strategy: getting new fans on your socials, and your website

- Getting your fans email addresses : in the Internet era, nothing can be more powerful than email in terms of communication power for no money. Spend time on your newsletter and your marketing efforts will increase every time.

- Build a network: get out! Meet other artists. Meet professional people to create faithful relationships and getting opportunities.

- Build a team: it's almost impossible to succeed on your own. You can be helped in a temporary way, but please don't do everything by yourself!

- Diversify your incomings: There are many more ways to make money with your music than you think. Don't just sell CDs and perform.

To sum up

Your success depends mainly on building your strategy and making efforts.

If you still think it depends on luck, then it's necessary to train yourself and change your way of thinking!

Of course, there's much more to do, to succeed in music than the actions outlined above.

That's why we invite you to get in touch. We can help. Definitely!