Highland Sanctuary - Before Tomorrow

May 24, 2020

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If you were looking for motivation to get through this difficult period, here is it, with Highland Sanctuary and his new single "Before Tomorrow".

Coming from Switzerland, the artist grew up in a family of musicians, and defines himself as a one-man band, and we love the concept!

With a powerufl and catchy melody, and heartfelt lyrics, the artist focuses on a hot topic nowadays, as he explains :

"In our fast-paced life we too often forget to enjoy the moment and not to deal with tomorrow.

What tomorrow will bring is not really predictable and corresponding spirals of thoughts take us away from the present".

A high quality of production for this new track, which has been released last Friday, just in time to enjoy the present and to think about tomorrow.

A gem to find in our "May 2020" and "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlists.


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