Henry And The Waiter - Little Paradise

July 03, 2020

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We made a mistake when we received this song from Germany.

We hit the "Play" button even before seeing the artist's name.

And then told ourselves "Great! Milky Chance is back!".

404 error...

And we were not the only ones to think about Milky Chance, as Henry's fans requested a cover of "Stolen Dance", which is still pinned on the band's Facebook page.

Then we went to Spotify to listen to some other tracks from Henry And The Waiter.

And we have noticed that they really created their own musical universe, between Electro-Pop and Indie-Pop.

"Little Paradise" is the perfect summerish track. Very positive vibes here! 

A very catchy melody that catches your mind from the first seconds!

The tracks talk about the safe place of the singer : 

"My little paradise is my home.

My retreat, which I created with my partner.

Especially in times when it's not possible to being in public that often, I have become aware of the importance of a safe retreat for inner peace."

We all need to have that kind of safe place.

Especially after all we've been through last months.

We really enjoyed the amazing production of the song, and how the very talented singer can convey positive emotions through his voice.

This is a perfect track to be featured in our "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlist !


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