Gina Royale - Low

April 05, 2021

On December 14th, we introduced you to Gina Royale, with "Mr. Lennon". A song that had marked me so much, the maturity of the writing is amazing.

Gina is back today with a new single called "Low", released on March 26th. March 26 was an exceptional day in terms of the quality of the songs released that day. And Gina is no exception to the rule: her new single "Low" is a marvel.

With elements of production a little more electronic than in "Mr. Lennon", Gina Royale makes a shattering comeback with a very catchy melody, and once again an exceptional vocal performance. Very active on social networks, and in particular TiKTok, the American singer still strikes very hard, with very neat writing, a performance of incomparable quality.

I know you come to this blog for quality and you won't be disappointed, again. The artist, unwittingly, decided on the same release dates as Taylor Swift, as the press kit we received with a lot of irony and humor indicates:

"Speculation continues that Taylor Swift is publicly trying to sabotage Gina Royale’s career. Last July, when Royale released “Split Ends,” Swift released Folklore on the same day. When “Mr. Lennon” came out, Swift released Evermore. “Lemon Drop” saw Swift’s surprise release of “Love Story (Taylor’s Version).” Most recently, Swift made a surprise announcement that she was dropping “You All Over Me” on the same day as Gina Royale’s “low.” Coincidence? Possibly. But in the past, Royale has stated that she would be the result if Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift made a baby. Maybe Taylor Swift was offended. Or maybe, just maybe, she’s a little bit jealous. Her reps refused comment on the matter."

Huge thanks to Professor David Kirk Philp, at Dadager Entertainment, you really spread smiles over our office.

To be honest, we would love Taylor Swift to be jealous and give Gina a little boost for her promotion, it could finally show her to a lot more ears and conquer a new audience.

Because Gina is very talented and deserves to be recognized. That's all we can wish her for this year.

Gina takes care of every single detail, both visually and musically: the music video is also wonderful, and you can watch it below.

It has been directed by Vault X Visuals, and is starring Jesse Dolph. Our artist is full of surprises, this is her second feature on IMC and for sure, not the last one.

Included in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Radio.

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