Future History - Bare Your Teeth

July 22, 2020

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This is an anthem coming from Markham (Ontario, CA).

The band offers itself the luxury of surprising us from the first moments of "Bare Your Teeth".

After a short acoustic intro, the second part of the intro puts us in the mood: it's going to be huge.

An incredible energy, carried by Kevin Ker (Vocals/Guitar), Justin Dillon (Drums/Percussion), Todd Larter (Bass), Sarah Carmosino (Synth/Vocals) and Braedon Garret (Guitar).

At 1:24, the first chorus comes and you just tell yourself "Wow. I've been waiting for this song for so long".

A very catchy melody, and beautiful vocal harmonies, on a powerful and professional production, make this song sounding like a summer anthem.

After everything we've been through the last few months, we all needed energy and a good mood.

And here it is. Then, the song will offer you a delicate bridge, really softer than the rest of the track.

This bridge looks like a kind of border to cross before... the epic ending.

When the tracks come to an end, you only need one thing: play it again, as it still runs in your head (and trust us, it will run for hours).

And, as if it was not enough, the music video is also very funny to watch.

We never say it enough, but we would appreciate it if you would share this track with your friends.

Because this band is so underrated and deserves so much more attention.

A gem we included in our "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlist.


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