Friday Night Firefight - Where No One Goes

March 25, 2020

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A little freshness, for these spring days when we are all under lockdown.

A captivating melody, which makes you want to dance and get up instantly, this is the program offered by Friday Night Firefight.

Their new single called "Where No One Goes", got the perfect timing to be released!

Since now almost all places are places where no one goes. Perfect. The writing theme is perfect.

For almost a year, the duo has been offering us powerful songs, very neat in production, and always in a catchy rhythm.

This one is no exception to the rule, since it exceeds all our expectations in terms of quality.

It's incredibly well written, super well produced, and delicious in our ears, especially in the morning to get up.

A band to watch, for sure, as you may find them again on Indie Music Center this year!

A real gem to find in our March 2020 Spotify playlist.


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