Frida Sundemo - Backbone

May 31, 2020

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A sweet woman's voice to relax on Sunday is perfect, isn't it?

And it's true that girls have been getting quite rare lately on Indie Music Center, their delicacy was missed!

So, we are therefore delighted to welcome for the first time Frida Sundemo, who comes from Sweden, with a track from her "Sounds in My Head" EP.

"Backbone" is a post-breakup song, in which the singer expresses her regrets about her choices and her behaviors.

With an exceptional voice, which gives her a very strong vocal identity, Frida Sundemo seduces us by the softness of her interpretation, and the power of her divinely well worked melody.

We can clearly say that we have our new favorite, and that you will see her with us in the future!

A real nugget that ends in style our "May 2020" Spotify playlist, and perfectly suits our "Powerful Emotions & Chills" one !


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