Frances Luke Accord - All The Things

January 13, 2023

Oh yeah, this is probably one of the most simplistic songs we've ever featured on IMC. But aren't the simplest things the best?

The duo Frances Luke Accord (Nicholas Gunty and Brian Powers) is sometimes compared, and it is to their credit, to modern Simon & Garfunkel. Their indie-folk songs have already amassed several million cumulative streams on Spotify and their fan base is big enough to fill a stadium.

They are back with a new LP, "Safe In Sound", which will be available from February 9, 2023, via Two-Dale Records and Tone Tree Music. And "All The Things" is a playful anthem that will keep you singing along for hours. If you're feeling lonely right now and need support, this song could be your crutch of the moment.

As the band explains, it's "a warm ray of sunshine amidst the dark and uncertain times of the pandemic. Addressing loneliness, isolation, and the inevitability of death, the song begs the listener to stay unabashedly hopeful and connected; for at the end of the day, our perspective on suffering–and ability to discuss it in an honest and optimistic way with others–will determine its grip on us."

With very simple but definitely very optimistic lyrics oriented towards altruism and love, "All The Things" brings together everything that makes a good indie-folk track: a catchy melody, the banjo, the whistles, and the beautiful vocal harmonies. This is a song to add to your playlists to give color to the somewhat gray winter of 2023.

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