Fialta - Paradise

November 20, 2020

It has been over three years since we last spoke to you about Fialta. And we are a little ashamed because their work really deserves to be discovered! 2 million streams later, they're back and we're not going to hide our joy to see them knocking on our door. Some artists (whose name won't be told haha) completely forgot about us when they achieved international success. Anyway, Fialta are back with a new single that's worth checking out! "Paradise" is now available on all digital platforms. And the good thing about knowing a band for a long time is seeing how they evolve. And we can only note that Fialta has evolved, both in their writing and their composition. Painstaking work is often what awaits artists, before releasing something for the general public. But work pays off! Playing on words, between heaven and hell, this new single has an almost mystical side. The vocal harmonies are refined to perfection, the catchy melody is here from the intro, you'll sing along from the first chorus... Fialta knows the magic ingredients to bewitch us. And it works! Once again! It is true that, this year, California has been engulfed in flames many times. And sometimes, heaven on earth becomes hell. And there's a little of that in the song. Their music has already been shown on TV shows several times, and we wish them the same success for "Paradise". We know it, we repeat ourselves a lot, but supporting indie music is important, especially at the moment, more than ever. So don't hesitate to follow them on their social media (see below) and to play this track on repeat on Spotify. Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Fialta's point of view :

When we were working on these lyrics, Sarah was reading Dante’s Inferno,” quips Michael Leibovich, who played organs and trumpet on the track. “It sorta leaked it’s way in. Musically, we also wanted to evoke that sense of confusion and ecstasy and horror.” The name of the track is both a reference to a book in Dante’s Divine Comedy, Paradiso, and to Paradise, a community a few towns over from where Fialta recorded. The summer beforehand, the town of Paradise tragically burned in a devastating wildfire, a harbinger of what would be coming in California, where climate disasters have been intensifying each summer since. Like so many people in California, we are really haunted by the horror of what happened in Paradise,” says David Provenzano (guitars, backing vocals). “Sometimes it’s the most beautiful places that are also the most dangerous. For the last several summers, here in California, we’ve all had one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.” 

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Biography :

Fialta is a dual-couple quartet from California specializing in ornate indie pop rich with multi-harmonies, keyboards, ukulele, and electronic elements.


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