Eric Brandon - The Devil I Know

November 27, 2020

You may probably take me for a fool, but, when I hear such songs, I am happy to be in lock down. All alone, in front of a computer screen, with headphones screwed on the ears, the volume at full blast, to discover such nuggets. When I heard Eric Brandon's voice, I realized I had the best job in the world. Even if it doesn't bring me anything in terms of money, this job brings me all the wealth that no one else could steal from me, and which is invaluable: powerful emotions. Feeling real, true, honest and deep emotions thanks to music is priceless. And with this voice, from the first seconds, a connection was established. As if this voice was speaking for me. Singing for me. When you're a blogger focused on strong emotions, you sometimes feel alone in a world that ignores us, where bloggers are mostly there for the money ... but passion must revive us and push us to continue. And this song is an invitation to stop. Thinking. And to accept our thoughts, no matter how violent, how nasty, or even how messy they may be. That's what happened to Eric when the heartache came. And we can feel deeply in his voice all the pain and all the loneliness that hit that man at that precise moment. There aren't many big tattooed beards who moved us to tears, maybe except Gavin James. And we're incredibly happy to welcome Eric Brandon to the indie family today.

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Eric's point of view :

It's a song I wrote on a particularly dark, lonely evening. After reconciling my newly damaged heart, I found myself alone for the first time in years. Sitting in my small apartment, I was faced with a decision: I could begin to do the painstaking work of healing and moving on, or I could allow myself one evening to sit with my heartache and really feel it. In that moment I was finally able to give myself permission to be myself - messy, broken and confused. We all need moments to catch our breath. Tomorrow we can start rebuilding, tomorrow we can push into unfamiliar territory, but tonight we stay in with the devil’s we know. I hope you enjoy it, and above all - I hope the song makes you feel something deeply.

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Biography :

Eric Brandon is a singer/songwriter from Hamilton Ontario, Canada who took to writing stories at a young age. His father was an avid reader, and it became a tradition that Eric would write stories for his father to read. Before long, he inherited his first guitar from a family friend, and the stories he would write would take on new life in music. Like many, Eric started his musical career in local rock bands, but his passion for stories drove a growing fascination with folk music and singer-songwriters. From giants like Bob Dylan and John Mayer to Ben Howard, Ryan Adams, Northcote, Scott Orr, Donovan Woods, - it was the capturing of heart-felt and personal moments that drew him in. At only 17, Brandon released his first EP titled “Stories,” under a Hamilton record label known for local folk music called “Other Songs Music." Shortly after this debut release, Eric found himself on the road at the age of 19 as a hired musician, traveling all across playing North America backing and eventually opening for the Juno-Award winning band The City Harmonic. Writing and performing in that season gave him a clarity of perspective. Life is challenging no matter where you find yourself, and it was the challenges of real life on the road--loneliness while being surrounded, meeting and losing a girl far from home, and the struggles of growing up amidst wanderlust--that would ultimately become the songs and stories that make up 2017's “Old Love.” 2018 saw Eric placing as a finalist in the Canada Walk of Fames Emerging Artist program, working with VIA rail, touring the east coast of Canada, working along-side FACTOR- and beginning the recording stages of a 2020 full length release. Today, Eric Brandon is traveling the country with a guitar on his back, friends at his side, and a troubadour’s charm singing the timeless stories wrapped in penetrating and unforgettable melodies of Old Love.


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