Ed Tattersall - Rescue Me (acoustic)

November 14, 2022

In the suburbs of London hides a jewel of a human being, whose name is Ed Tattersall.

After a break of almost 4 years, the artist realized by doing a few concerts that his songs had enormous power over the public. And these songs deserved to be released for good, as the reactions aroused were encouraging. That's why you have, like us, the pleasure of being able to listen today to the acoustic version of "Rescue Me", a song that seems to be a delicate acoustic jewel at first sight and which turns out to be a huge emotional bomb, with a breathtaking vocals performance that we were far from imagining at the start.

The construction of the song is absolutely brilliant. It's rare for a song to begin with 20 seconds of acapella vocals. Then the acoustic guitar comes to accompany Ed and proves to be a precious support from 0:36.

At 1:02, the guitar chords come to sublimate the whole. And these chords are reminiscent of the magnificent "I'm With You" by Avril Lavigne, released in 2002 on the album "Let Go". But don't see a bad point here. Many songs have similarities, without being perfectly identical. And "Rescue Me" ends much more powerfully.

At around 2:19, after a wonderful instrumental guitar part, the song takes on its full power with Ed's frenzied vocals, which remind us of the emotional intensity of another English artist, a regular at IMC since he is part of the IMC Family: Taylor T.

And when the song ends on this long final chord, we are left speechless. By wondering "was that real?".

Despite a rather simple production, "Rescue Me" is a jewel of musical architecture, writing, and emotional interpretation. Is it possible to sum it all up in one word? Yes. Masterpiece.

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