Duvy Burston - To The Dust

January 25, 2021

We all need a little spark of hope, especially after the catastrophic year we've been through. That's kind of the point of this song. Take stock of what happened to us, and tell yourself that in the end, it's better if it stays behind us. The chorus is a jewel of composition. With this delicate melody, and a rather incredible hook, an irresistible desire to close your eyes will invade you. It's amazing sometimes how much power a song can have over us. "To the Dust" is like a magic serum enclosed in a syringe, that you are injected through the ears. Having some troubles actually? Just leave them "To the Dust". Quite an ecouraging message here. And what amazes, in Duvy Burston's work, is the maturity in the writing and the sincerity in the interpretation. Indeed, our New York artist is only 18 years old. And yet, he is already a genius of words and a fabulous singer. Often, we like to dwell on the career of an artist, and remember all his successes. For Duvy Burston, it's the other way around. There is a huge blank page to write, and this young man has all the potential to write a powerful musical story, in several volumes. After three promising songs, available on Spotify, we can't wait to see what he still has in store. A promising artist, to watch closely in 2021. He could surprise you!

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Duvy Burston's point of view :

My hope in sharing this song is to inspire others to feel empowered to rise above negative thoughts and emotions.

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Biography :

Duvy Burston is only 18 years old anf grew up in Monroe, NY. He started playing piano when he was 8, then picked up guitar at 12. When he was 15 he started singing and writing songs.


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