14 janvier 2018

Hi guys!

Your single "Cary Grant" has been featured recently on Music For Your Heart. As our readers seem to appreciate it, we wanted to know a little bit more about you! Thanks for accepting to give us a little time. First, tell us how you met and decided to make music together ?

We all met while attending college in St. Louis, Missouri! Our singer Nav is from India, Zach and Sam are from Florida, Jeremy is from Chicago, and David's from New Jersey. We all came together over our shared love for creating and playing music.

Wow, such a diversity, that's cool! India? What a tiny world. We're French but this is the country where most of our fans come from!

How would you describe your music, how you sound like?

We like to combine different sounds and styles from across genres. With Cary Grant we wanted to write a fun indie rock anthem, something you can dance to and play loud in the car. So a lot of elements are in that style, but it's also got this thumping dancehall beat and a bit of a tropical vibe to it. (Sam, drummer)

Yeah that tropical influence sounds great! What are your projects? An EP? A full-length album?

We've got more singles on the way, and plan to release an EP a little further down the road. No release dates yet, but we're excited for 2018.

We're excited too ! Hope you'll come to play in France!

We would love to play in France one day!

We wish you all the best for this new musical year!


If you haven't, please check out their music here.