Drops of Indigo - A Fork in the Road

June 05, 2018

Swedish duets are popular these days on Music For Your Heart. Second time for Drops of Indigo, who already delighted us in April with "Winter Feelings", and that you had acclaimed, because it's actually the 7th most read article on our blog, among nearly 350 already featured songs. Here they are again, with "A Fork in the Road". Want a walk near the lake, in the forest? Tired of big cities, and need big spaces? This song is for you! Like our artists, you will need good shoes to walk far from here. But sometimes, it's worth it. In our hyper-connected society, sometimes it's necessary to know how to extinguish everything and isolate oneself. It's also the case in a relationship. A little bit of distance has never killed anyone. Drops of Indigo, it's an amazing folk universe, where you get your energy each time, with powerful and catchy melodies. We promise you: you will sing with them. Available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes, and included in our "Need to Escape" playlist on Spotify.