Dominic and Tom - Jenny

January 15, 2021

What's great about this track is that from the first seconds, the melody is catchy and you immediately feel enveloped in the sweetness of Dominic and Tom, a duo from South Africa. The duo describe themselves as two boys who always struggle to come to an agreement. Yet when it comes to music, the least we can say is that the chemistry is perfect. The writing is very careful, and the song perfectly mastered. We appreciate the simple but very efficient production, and the very professional side of the song. The hook of the chorus is incredibly powerful, and we find ourselves singing along very quickly. Then, around 2:30, the song takes on a much more rock turn with very powerful electric guitar riffs, and magnificent vocal flights. It's a final part as we like it: powerful and explosive. And the track, as a whole, carries exceptional and magical emotional vibes. A very beautiful musical universe to discover, especially since they have released two other singles since. Also, their latest single, "Memphis", really deserves a listen, as it has the same kind of structure, the final part is amazing! It's not often that IMC makes you travel to South Africa, but it might not be the last time. Especially with such a high quality duo. We can't wait to see what's next!

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Also, the live acoustic version really worth a listen! Watch the live take below!

Dominic and Tom's point of view :

Jenny is about a young pair who need an escape, a forget-it-all moment, a moment of freedom. Every person with a small town connection or a frustration with reaching their goals can relate to the track.

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Biography :

Dominic and Tom couldn't be much more different. They disagree on what microphone should be used, which guitar is best and which one is going bald faster. One is a travelling, semi-nomadic singelton always chasing the next adventure, the other is a settled, married father trying to make it to the adventure and back before dinner. They however agree that they compliment each other spectacularly well. Between them there is an ear for melody and a feel for storytelling music that ignites and inspires all ages. They write, and produce it all themselves and have lived enough life to do a lot of teaching. We hope you enjoy listening.


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