Dessie Magee - Restrain

November 27, 2020

It's been two years since we haven't heard from Dessie Magee. We missed this extraordinary voice from Brighton (UK)! While his single 'Maze' is still playing on repeat in our mind, I'm delighted to make you discover 'Restrain', his new single, announcing an EP to be released soon. Dessie Magee is one of my favorite artists, because he always manages to give us chills thanks to tenfold emotions. And the overall structure of 'Restrain' made my arm hairs stand upright again. Always the right impactful phrase, where it is needed : "All of this means you don't know yourself". And then the full band comes, powerful electric guitar riffs, wonderful drums, and a huge wave of emotion. And what's always amazing about him is this ability to switch from one emotion to another, and from one atmosphere to another. While the song starts slowly, to the sound of a delicate acoustic guitar ... The end of the first chorus will take you on a whole new dimension. And the intensity and the emotions continue to rise, crescendo, until a breathtaking final part. The ending is as powerful as it is unexpected. Fireworks for the ears, and above all ... for the chills. Dessie Magee's magic always works: when you get to the end of the song, your mouth is wide open, like "Woah! What just happened in my ears?!" The artist offered me an early listen to his upcoming EP and I'm still blown away by this incredible power in his voice. Sometimes you don't have to be ashamed of your feelings, so I'm telling you clearly: this song brought me unexpected tears. Who's next ? Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Dessie Magee's point of view :

Restrain is about the discipline we all sometimes lack, some more than others. It's about watching someone you care about destroy themselves.

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Biography :

Brighton based Dessie Magee, hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Growing up Dessie found it difficult staying out of trouble and avoiding regular run-ins with the police. Eventually he began singing in the heavy music scene, a well timed saving grace and positive outlet. But, over this resulted in Dessie having to undergo major throat surgery, a result of which he was unable to speak for months after. Despite the injury, Dessie was determined to pursue his musical career and after a long period of rehabilitation he began learning to speak again, and eventually was able to sing again. Many people in this situation would rule out a future in music but his persistence and passion for music gave him the ambition to strive for success and begin his new journey. With a diverse musical background and a new found resilience, Dessie’s music took a completely different direction.


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