David Gillespie - Still Running

July 04, 2018

Desire to escape ? Want to run away? So let's go to New York, to meet David Gillespie, this Australian with a folk accent that will charm you from the first notes. With bright pop and folk tones, and a catchy melody, "Still Running" talks about the activism that has been spreading in the US since Donald's election. The message is that we must lead the good fights, and remain hopeful for the future. We can say that the result is convincing! You can learn more about the writing process directly from David here. The song is perfectly mastered. It's very well written, and beautifully produced. Good musical harmonies, the little touch of electric guitar that was needed on the final chorus is here, and it makes you want to get up and dance! Despite a duration close to 6 minutes, it almost seemed too short! A perfect song for our "Need To Escape" playlist on Spotify, which you can stream on Spotify and iTunes (from his "Heathen Revival" EP).