Coral Palms - Drink Too Much

June 11, 2021

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Only 10 days into the summer, Coral Palms hits hard with "Drink Too Much".

While the terraces are again accessible, and we are all happy to meet (being careful, of course), it is not impossible that we end up drinking ... a little more than expected.

"Drink Too Much" is the reverse of a love song. When we realize the next morning that we went a bit too far with someone, just because we strained the drink a little.

The whole thing well set on an extremely catchy melody, full of good summer vibes, and with a final part of incredible power, between vocal flights and frenzied electric guitars.

It's indie-pop as we like it, which makes you want to get up, dance, and forget the last eighteen dark months that we have just gone through. Look no further, you have found your new party anthem.

Coral Palms broke 100K streams on their latest single "Open Road", which was already very catchy.

With this new single, it's as if they've just charted a highway to success.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Happy Days" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.



I see that little look in your eyes girl
And all the feelings we can't deny so
We dance the night away 'till tomorrow
But the drinks are wearing off and I think I need to go home

We're slowly taking off all our clothes now
So give me the reigns and I'll show you how
You whisper to me turn all the lights down
But the ringing in my ear is slowly building 'til it's too loud

You said I drink too much
(You said I drink too much)
You say I'm out of touch
(But I'm not out of love)
You said I drink too much
(You said I drink too much)
You say I'm out of touch
(But I don't give a fuck)

And the gloves are coming off
And I know I'm in the wrong
But the world just thinks I'm tough
And I'm trying to find my way but I can't see without the lights on

And When I woke up
It wasn't you
And all the pain inside started bleeding through
I hope you know that
It hurts me too
and that the biggest mistake I made was losing you


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