Colin Parker - Missed

November 04, 2022

Colin Parker comes from Los Angeles, and just released his new single "Missed".

What is a bit crazy is that Colin seems very experienced in music, as the writing of this song sounds so mature, he wasn't always 100% into music, as he said:

"I came to music relatively late in my life. I was really into Coldplay and we had a piano in our house that no one ever played. So, I thought to myself, why not learn how to play."

The piano is probably the most beautiful instrument to start making music. That's also how I started. But Colin didn't stop and he was taken as in a gear:

"I started up piano lessons, which led to guitar lessons, which led to making weird dubstep on my laptop, and since then I've been writing music ever since to get to the heart of how I really feel."

Apparently, it also led him to banjo, as they're a discreet banjo in the song, which makes it a pure indie folk gem. 

"Missed", according to Colin, is "about how after a relationship you don't really even need or want to be in someone's life but you hope that they notice your absence."

We have all experienced a relationship that ends, more or less expected, and sometimes we would like this person to see us a little more. Despite this rather dark songwriting theme, the melody is absolutely catchy and will make you want to shake your head from the first chorus, which arrives before the 40-second mark (which is always a good sign, especially for radio programmers, like we already told you).

"Missed" is Colin Parker's second single, and an EP called "F.O.O.L." is already announced. For now, let's settle for this little gem and play it on repeat! Get ready to sing along for a couple of days!

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Missed" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow to discover more indie music!


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