Chance McCoy - What If

September 20, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

If you're a fan of Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers, then you could find in Chance McCoy your new favourite artist. Indeed, what we often miss in September is energy, or motivation. And there is no doubt that the chorus of "What If" will energize you. Like lightning in the night, Chance McCoy writes with a delicate quill, and charmed us with his warm voice. Playing guitar and violin, this is a complete artist. The stark contrast between the calm verses and the playful choruses surprised us, in the positive sense of the word. All you have to do is close your eyes, imagine yourself at the edge of a lake, with all the beautiful fall colors, and the artist's magic will make the rest. With an already very supportive community on social media, Chance McCoy has all the potential to become a famous artist. So, please help us to spread the word if you loved this gem! Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist. You can find this playlist on : Spotify / Soundcloud

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Chance McCoy is a Grammy winning indie folk musician, producer and film composer from the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. He's an independent artist on a journey to share his little gift with the world, and he hopes you join him on the trip!

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