Cass & Crossland - Bar Song

December 06, 2020

Warning! From the first few seconds, if you're sitting down, you're going to want to get up and dance. And you're going to hum that little melody that sticks to your mind. This addictive side is really incredible, and quite surprising by its speed of effect. The voices of Cassie and Alex blend perfectly in this folk anthem that sounds straight out of an Irish pub. We discovered Cass & Crossland thanks to Luna Keller, as their song "Losing My Mind" was included in the next episode of the all indie show, "Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs?" (and you can listen to all the episodes of this fantastic show thanks to this link). So they came to us, the same day, with this amazing song, and the name of the band rang the bell right away. A nice duo, who don't take themselves seriously, and especially take pleasure in making music and you can hear it. The song exudes sincerity and authenticity. We can say that December is starting well!

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

The band's point of view :

I (Alex) was listening to a variety of folk tunes wandering around solo in San Diego for a trip for my girlfriend's work; everything from Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell to the Lumineers. I got the hook melody stuck in my head, wrote the song on her little sister's a fender parlor guitar and then put it to bed because I thought it was too cheesy as a solo love song. It wasn't until Cassie and I were going through ideas in songwriting sessions that the tune was rebirthed. She was digging the hook, threw some violin on it, and decided to make it a duet which elevated the lyrics to a new place I was happy with.

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Biography :

Cass & Crossland are a Indie-Folk-Rock (Alex & Cassie) duo from Phoneix, Arizona. We like harmonizing, long walks on the beach, and are very upset that Taco Bell™️ took potatoes off their menu. Our MISSION STATEMENT: Drink LaCroix, wear your heart and your songs on your sleeve, and give a damn.


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