Campfire Social - Awake in the Wake of a Wave

August 17, 2020

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Here is an incredible sound coming from Llangollen, Wales, UK.

Campfire Social surprised us by the way the song builds.

It's divided in two different parts. Like there are two songs in one.

From a sweet pop ballad, the track becomes an indie-pop joyful anthem.

As you thought that you would relax thanks to this song, it suddenly makes you want to get up and dance!

With a very catchy melody, and heartfelt lyrics, the song will take you to a world where everything is allowed.

You just have to follow the lyrics, think about your situation, and then... get up, dance, and forget everything.

As if all your troubles suddenly disappeared.

The music video is quite funny to watch, and perfectly fits the lyrics of the song.

Quite dark at the beginning, the more it goes, the more fun it is!

But don't count on us to reveal what will happen in this video.

We already told you too much ;)

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