April 19, 2018

Today, even though the temperatures are very hot for spring in France, we propose you to take a tour in autumn with Byren. This is an artist from Newcastle, Australia. When we received this song, when we first listened, we were impressed. This song is just ... amazing. Many universes and atmospheres coexist in this track. Let's be honest, we had never heard such a successful mix of genres. Many artists risked it. And many artists missed it. There, it's just perfect. It is impossible to define a specific genre for this song. It's not rock. This is not world music. It's not pop. It's just ... happiness! We we float in weightlessness for 4 minutes. Byren is a UFO. We won't tell you more about the build of the song, we let you enjoy. You have to hear it to believe it. And if you're told it's great, you can trust us. Available on Spotify and iTunes. And for the first time since our creation, we decided to include the song directly in our "Concept" playlist on Spotify, which includes the most powerful songs in emotions, and which perfectly reflects our concept. Congratulations Byren!