Brian Mikasa - Full Speed

March 26, 2020

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Here is a real good surprise. Our song of the month.

When we heard the first notes of "Full Speed" by Brian Mikasa, we already knew that we would like it.

The impact of an electric guitar followed by a piano makes a huge effect!

And then this delicate voice begins to sing words written to perfection and in an impressive accuracy.

When the violins arrive after 1:20, we understand that we are dealing with a versatile musician.

And at 1:39, the voice, pretty shy until then, is revealed in masterful flights.

The second verse marks a return to calm and restraint.

Return of the electric guitar at 3:02 to remind us that it is above all a rock song.

Brian Mikasa is a nice surprise, and we got into his universe. We listened to the whole album "Kill Like An Animal", and we got a slap.

The artist from Ventura, California, masters his art to perfection.

The album contains electro, rock, rap ... Brian is comfortable ... in everything!

Everything is well placed and clean. One of our big favorites of the year.

A gem to find in our March 2020 Spotify playlist.


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