Brian Mackey - Keep The World Alive

January 21, 2021

I'll be honest with you. Since March 2020, I have been trying to avoid the subject, because I am here to bring you good vibes and to try to make you think of something else, to make you forget your daily life and your routine. But when I heard this song, it was impossible not to give you so much optimism. This year 2020 has driven us all crazy. This pandemic has changed people. Deeply. We all think differently now. We are wary of everything. Every detail of everyday life has become complicated. And the simple things of life are like things of the past, like concerts. Brian says it very well in his song, “Remember when Corona was just a beer?”. We all seem to have forgotten that time. Sometimes it's like nothing will ever be the same again. But Brian sends us through "Keep The World Alive" a huge message of hope. And honestly? I believe it! We're all gonna get through this! No matter how long it takes. The artist has perfectly understood the situation. I have often seen artists accused of "taking advantage" of the situation to flourish. And it is true that a few of them have taken advantage of it. This is not the case with Brian Mackey. Because if you take the time to listen to all his work (hit the Spotify button below), you will discover incredible human values. That make me still have hope in humanity. Brian already came to see us almost 3 years ago, with "Underwater". And when I see the incredible distance he has come since then, and the positive evolution of his music, thanks to the hard work he has provided, I can only be proud of him. It is always a great pleasure to see my artists evolve. Especially when it's the right way! There are certain artists who are like motivators for simple people like us. Because what are you looking for when you come to take a look at IMC? Emotions and chills. Here they are. Oh I forgot. We often talk about our artists location. He's from NYC. But it doesn't make any difference. We're just... from the same World, after all :-)

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Brian Mackey's point of view :

It was a rainy morning during the last week in March. I woke up frantically at 3am with a simple question and a melody ringing in his head: “Remember my dear, when Corona was just a beer?”  After days of receiving concerning messages and texts from my bandmates in Italy, and friends around the globe, I was beginning to fear that this virus wasn’t just a faint threat. It was hitting tragically closest to those who were an extension of my own family - those whom I’d spent years with touring, writing, recording. Even closer to home, another bandmate in NYC was battling  COVID-19. Messages poured into my inbox about things that we only saw in apocalyptic-like movies. In my mind, I realized that never before in our recent history has the world universally been in such danger of dying. And from this, came the lyrics of “Keep The World Alive”. 

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Biography :

New York City artist, Brian Mackey has not only broken the mold of a typical singer/songwriter, he's smashed it to bits and thrown the dust into the ears of the listener, to create a new sound that captivates the soul. His music is an eclectic mix of acoustic and synth-driven up-tempo indie rock, with a hint of americana. Originally from a tin roof town on the Northern Florida/Georgia border, his songs reflect his own life experiences.


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