Brandon Wade - Dance Again

May 03, 2021

Sometimes a song pulls on your heartstrings, you feel it wrap around you and there’s a little tug in your chest. I love it when that happens and „Dance Again“ had that effect on me from the first listen. The debut single by Brandon Wade reaches out to the listener with beautiful simplicity and great emotional force.

The song feels like a letter written with a heavy heart and a bittersweet taste in your mouth. „Find someone to hold you… let your heart be whole again“. It’s a goodbye that comes from a place of love, a heartbreaking tale of growing apart. It’s not easy to put something like that into words, but Brandon Wade creates a reflective and honest narrative that makes you want listen to every line.

The arrangement creates a floating feel that lifts the vocals up and allows them to shine. The song starts with a gentle guitar that reminds me of „Blackbirds“ by the Beatles. It slowly builds with tasteful percussions, light drums, and gorgeous harmonies. I love how the song includes little melodic instrumental parts that seem to dance - telling the story through the music itself.

Everything on this track was recorded and produced by Wade in his home studio in Huston. Not only does this show his incredible talent and artistry, but it also furthers the intimacy of the track. „Dance Again“ introduces us to Brandon Wades' musical universe with introspective lyrics, stunning vocals, and a tasteful arrangement. I can’t wait to hear what he’ll create next.

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