Brandin Reed

14 janvier 2018

1st artist to be featured in our brand new "Rising Stars" section, Brandin Reed, who has a very well worked and neat folk universe. 

Brandin first sent us the song "Pour Out Love".

To understand why we fell in love with this artist, we advise you to listen to "Pour Out Love" with headphones. If possible, with a loud enough volume.
You will not realize the track is 6 minutes long. It is a real walk in his universe, that the artist proposes us. This track is a kind of showcase that shows us the full possibilities of Brandin's talent.
Indie Pop, with a cheerful chorus and powerful choruses, Singer / Songwriter with a much quieter and acoustic moment, and we end up on an explosive Indie Folk final.
We've never seen so many variations and different styles in a song, but we love it! What an incredible journey!

Brandin being a generous artist, he also sent us "Thank You". More relaxed and at a slower rhythm, "Thank You" is an invitation to relax and enjoy. Again, we haven't seen the 5 minutes 37 going. They went so quickly...
We think it's over, but it's not : the artist sends us a magnificent final, with these strings and echoing voice in the background.

2 tracks sent by the artist. 2 tracks loved by Music For Your Heart. A first time ever.

So, we wanted to look a little further, and we had a listen to the album, on Spotify. And there, we realized that the whole album was like that! Pleasant surprises, and very cool to listen. We never get bored.
The artist really has an incredible universe to make you discover. So we did not resist the urge to make you try a 3rd track that we liked, "So Long".

The album is definitely worth a listen. Here is a preview, thanks to this "sampler album", that the artist has made available on his Youtube channel :

Brandin Reed is, for us, one of the artists to follow and monitor in 2018. Because if he manages to gain the international stage, it will not be a coincidence.