Boo Seeka - Never Enough

February 24, 2021

Were you looking for a huge indie-pop anthem to declare your love to someone? You found it.

Boo Seeka's "Never Enough" is the perfect track. Piano, a little "disco" atmosphere which gives a very appreciable retro side, mixed with modern production, and a most catchy melody. We couldn't do better to cheer you up. Yes, this incredible banger is very uplifting and motivating. The way Boo Seeka constructed this song is quite surprising: it was first the bridge that came to them first, then they then added the other parts: verses and choruses.

A rather original approach, because, after 20 years, I know what worries my artists the most: the bridge. This is usually the most delicate part of a song. Change of rhythm, sometimes of melody, like a pause in the song, this crucial part allows starting again with an even more powerful final chorus. Source of anguish for many artists, this is apparently not a problem for Boo Seeka, who succeed here in proving that there is no need to worry for nothing. As a musician, if you are afraid of the bridge, know that you can take the problem backward and start there. You have proof that it is possible.

"Never Enough" is the kind of track that will warm your heart and make you want to get up and dance in a few seconds. The production is wonderfully done, in every detail, and the result is really impressive. After everything we've been through, we all need uplifting songs like this one! And it's no coincidence that it has surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist.

Boo Seeka's point of view

We always knew this idea was organically going to take on full vacation vibes when the lead string idea accidentally got stuck on repeat over the original drum beat. It was the epic mistake that made this song for us.

Most of the songs go down a few different rabbit holes before we feel the right inspiration in the studio. But to be honest this was all off the back of us getting hypnotized by what is now the bridge. That came first before the verses and chorus. It put all of us in the studio in a trance.

All talking about how epic it would be dancing to this lyric loop and beat at a festival or a retro vibe club with disco balls. We honestly must have listened to the loop for 30 mins straight before we kept biking the rest of the song.

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More about Boo Seeka

Since breaking out in 2015 with their debut hit ‘Kingdom Leader’, which has since accumulated over 15 million streams, Boo Seeka have dominated national consciousness and for good reason.

The pair's dynamic energy both in the studio and on stage has allowed them to stand out amongst Australia’s thriving music scene and stand the test of time. Boo Seeka’s 2017 debut album Never Too Soon was met with global acclaim with triple j describing the record as a “beautifully crafted, worldly-sounding body of work”.

The album debuted at #8 on the ARIA album charts and earned the home-grown heroes coveted spots on esteemed festival line ups Beyond The Valley, Groovin The Moo, and Splendour In The Grass as well as selling out numerous headline tours across Australia, North America and Europe.


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