Belle Mt. - Life Song

December 16, 2022

There are songs that give you a whole bunch of different emotions.

Without intro, "Life Song", the new single from Belle Mt. seduces from the first notes and the incredible voice of Matt Belmont. And I love this kind of warm voices that could sing me the phonebook as they are magnificent. Quite close to Steve Garrigan (from the Irish group Kodaline), Matt's voice is omnipresent from the start of the song and will take you on a journey through life, its feelings, its hopes, and its disappointments...

Written with Anna Pancaldi, the song was recorded... in one take! As Matt said:

"We recorded the core of the performance in one take, late one night at Unwound studios; aiming to recapture the magic of the voice note which had carried the song right through to that point."

Yes exactly! The search for authenticity worked. So even if there are background noises (conversations, or even the squeaky chair), this does not distract us from the essential: the unique and warm atmosphere created by two magnificent voices and a divinely mastered piano.

No need for a huge production, sometimes the simplest things are the best. The song is about the ups and downs of life, and is very relatable for everyone, as the artist reveals:

"I wrote 'Life Song' with Anna Pancaldi one rainy day at my piano in London after a long conversation about love, life, and loss. Writing those first verses we reflected on the unnerving feeling of life passing by way too fast while some precious relationships and friendships were falling by the wayside."

We all go our own way. Some people will stay on the side of the road, others will accompany you longer, and some will be there until the end. A bit like in Allison Leah's "24 Years Down", "Life Song" reminds us how time flies, and makes us want to contemplate with admiration every little event in life, such as the cold of the morning, or the falling rain.

A real little musical gem, which is a very good surprise, just a week from Christmas. A gift from heaven.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Life Song" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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