Beäfets - Open Letter

January 22, 2021

I love Scotland. Not just because they have the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Even if it's a very selling point. But also because, in my humble opinion, they probably have the best bands in the world. You don't believe me? Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro, Travis, Simple Minds, just to name a few! And we are more than happy to have found Beäfets there! Scotland lacked charismatic indie-rock bands, since a few years, that kind of band which send out real rock sound without artifice, with a voice recognizable among thousands.

Beäfets fills this void. I'm not saying this to flatter them, because I know they will necessarily take a look at this article. But because you know it now, only quality matters to me. And quality is rare especially in the rock field. And then, "Open Letter" has received airplay on Rapal’s BBC Introducing show. So I think I am not mistaken. Released only 2 weeks ago, the song got off to a great start. Its incredible production quality is no stranger to this.

With a strong vocal identity, the band imposes a style that seems to come straight from the late 90s, with the quality of current technologies. The hook of the chorus is so huge. I prefer to warn you: this track has a very powerful addictive power. I had fun writing this article because I listened to the song on repeat maybe 7 or 8 times. And I still want to listen to it. And now I feel like I'm trapped because I can't stop listening to it. Wait, where's the stop button ? Well, it doesn't matter haha.

Wonderfully well written, this banger will keep you company for a long time. And the good news is that the band still has other nice surprises for this year. Let's wait patiently for the rest!

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Biography :

The story of Beäfets is one of shaky beginnings, solid foundations and unknown potential. Beginning in high school as a creative outlet between two friends, they quickly found themselves rehearsing in the back of a tanning salon as a 4 piece with dreams of playing a live show. Over a few short months in 2015 Beafets released two home record singles (one which is now lost to the sands of time) and played a string of live shows supporting the likes of Beach Baby, the Ninth Wave and The Lapelles. Then as soon as they arrived, they were gone in a cloud of mitigating circumstances. A few years later and in a reformed line up Beäfets have returned and intend to make a lasting impact this time around. Beäfets released their first studio single ‘Rules for Fools’ in January 2019 and were praised for their ‘breezy summer charm…enticing vocal draw’ and ‘betraying a charming vulnerability.’ So after several long years, four short minute is all it took for Beafets to cement themselves as the soft boys the always knew they could be. Reinvigorated by the reception, their second single ‘Rotary Dial’ which received airplay on Jim Gellatly’s Amazing Radio show and featured on official Spotify playlist ‘Scotify’.


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