Axel Flóvent - Fireworks

September 19, 2020

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Our thoughts about the song :

As far back as we can remember, this is the first time an Icelandic artist has knocked on our door. And we're not going to hide our pleasure. Axel Flóvent succeeded in creating a beautiful indie-folk universe, full of warm colours. Even though the atmosphere seems a bit dark, and the lyrics pretty sad, his amazing vocals and the powerful final part broke the dark to bring the light... even in our heart. What we enjoyed the most? The wonderful ability of the artist to switch from calm to powerful parts, and to perfectly manage his emotions. The sincere interpretation makes this song very special... As if a member of your family was talking to you. And it works. We feel very confident, and can't wait to hear more in the future.

Axel Flóvent's point of view :

Because it’s about an obvious end to something meaningful, I think there couldn’t have been a better timing for it in the end. I feel like it binds the record together nicely as the beginning and the end of writing and creating it.

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Axel Flóvent is a musician hailing from the northern fishing village of Húsavík, Iceland. His music can be described as modern folk music. At its core its acoustic and low key but bears obvious influences from other forms of music such as indie rock, pop and electronic music. Keeping in the vein of modern folk singers Axel has been active writing and recording his own songs and has a numerous online releases available.

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