Ariana Fig - Running Man

September 30, 2022

We first met Ariana Fig in August 2021 with "Polar Opposite". And this year, we got blown away by the catchy melody of "Guilty Pleasure".

Good news! Your favorite Canadian is back with a new single, "Running Man".

Much slower than "Guilty Pleasure", this new track has everything you need to seduce you. It starts slowly, then builds gradually. The instruments appear one by one, the electric guitar, then the drums, and from the last minute, the very coherent production begins to caress your ears delicately. A well-organized layering of soft elements, "Running Man" is mostly an intimate confession of Ariana Fig's feelings:

"This song to me is about chasing after someone or something that's never really in arms reach, and the feeling of isolation and pity that comes after every attempt to keep their attention".

A situation that will speak to many of you, especially after the nearly 3 chaotic years we have experienced. Through her very accomplished, increasingly mature, and precise writing, Ariana Fig confirms her place on the independent scene and... in your playlists. We thank you for giving her the best spot in your collection of favorites.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Running Man" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow to discover more indie music!


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