Angus Quinn - Fading Blue

February 15, 2021

This week I am writing about a wonderful artist that creates a different little universe in each of his songs. I’m referring to D.C. based alternative songwriter Angus Quinn who shows off a unique style combining the genres of pop-folk and rock. A link that goes through all of his songs is his skillful combination of acoustic and electronic elements to create beautiful atmospheric sound landscapes.

In the summer of 2020, he released "Fading Blue", a moving folky track featuring guest vocalist Cassidy Ford. From the first note Angus’ emotional vocal performance pulls you into a story of longing and heartbreak: "I see your face in the dark you see, when I dream of hell I feel ecstasy".

The way the song is written reminds me of some songs by the legendary Bob Dylan, with an incredibly strong verse falling into a short and recognizable line "but for now I’m steady fading blue". No need for a big chorus that kicks in, the song builds progressively instead. It starts with a rhythmic guitar floating above layered synths that are later joined by light drums. The vocal harmonies by Cassidy Ford are a beautiful addition, their appearance in the second verse is heavenly.

Upon first listening, you fall in love with the stunning feel and tasteful arrangement of the track. But it quickly becomes clear that the focal point of the song is the story it tells. The lyrics are skillfully woven together to create a picture of craving, uncertainty, and heartbreak. It captures a moment of nostalgia and pain leaving open the possibility of healing clouded by the things that keep him and his love apart. "The river between us is deep and it’s dark".

"Fading Blue" is a breathtaking folk song that embodies heartbreak with its emotional vocals, evocative lyrics, and atmospheric arrangement. Recorded in a home studio during the pandemic the song expresses the distance and longing we’ve all been experiencing in one way or another throughout 2020 and 2021.

It’s a truly beautiful work of art and you can hear it here:

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More about Angus Quinn

Angus Quinn is an independent alternative artist and a songwriter with dozens of cataloged, 100% self-written songs and singles. Originally from Los Angeles, California, the 21-year-old songwriter has grown up involved in the music industry as a producer, engineer, songwriter, composer, and vocalist.

Now based in the D.C. area and a recent college graduate, Angus Quinn is seeking to strike out on his own towards musical opportunities that expand an already impressive discography for someone so young.

by Luna Keller


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