Andy Martin - Heat of it All

August 11, 2020

Third feature for Andy Martin, from Brisbane!

Unlike the first two singles, more indie-pop oriented, "Heat of it All" benefits from a much more rock energy!

And it's like wave of good-feeling coming to your ears!

If you had trouble waking up this morning, we promise that, after listening to this track, you will be in good shape!

And probably dancing and singing along, no matter what happens in this crazy world.

Andy Martin succeded in creating a comfortable bubble, where you can take refuge when the negative takes over.

The artist amazes, with his talent and his creativity.

Creating such a catchy melody isn't easy for a singer-songwriter.

But it feels like Andy Martin were born for that!

Good news: his debut EP is due to release on November!

Three times in-a-row for our favourite Australian, and we don't know why, but we're pretty sure that there will be a fourth.

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