Alex Lleo - Easy Way

August 29, 2020

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For a dream weekend, trust the voice of an angel. A voice like this is priceless. You won't hear hundreds of them in your entire life. A very strong vocal identity, carefully written lyrics, a very simple but effective production which gives the shivers on the final part ... everything is there to send you a little more than 4 minutes wave of emotions in your ears. We appreciate the  overall structure of the song. As it grows gradually, until it invades your body, this amazing track finally leaves you with an impression of general well-being. No matter where you live, you will be able to let yourself be enchanted by the warmth of this incomparable voice, which allows us to extend the summer a little, in a very soft way.

Alex Lleo's point of view :

It's a song that was inspired during the lead up to this New York adventure after a conversation with my dad. At it's core, it's basically a song about opportunity, and the fear that can build from stepping into the known. With a few more years on the clock, I think my dad was able to share some life wisdom with me that day that sort of put my mind at ease I guess. It follows that classic sentiment of 'nothing worth having comes easy' whilst allowing yourself to lean into those nervous tensions that can often arise when you carry a little self doubt! It's a song about grabbing life by the scruff and jumping headlong into the abyss!

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UK artist Alex Lleo has been creating lush, soulful melodic music since childhood, touring and performing as a teen throughout the UK and Europe at the turn of the decade, then breaking onto the scene with two back-to-back releases in 2018. Three-track EPs Park Studios, JQ and Emanate each caught the attention of fans and industry alike with their raw honesty and contagious mellow vibes, garnering Alex Lleo an international, dedicated fan base. Now the rising artist is thrilled to reveal his first newest single ‘Easy Way’ out Friday 28 August via AWAL. Grounded in acceptance and undulating with reciprocal gratitude for both himself and others, Lleo recalls a moment of introspective clarity on ‘Easy Way’. Wrapped up in exquisite vocals, a soft tinkering of keys and warm guitar melodies that stick with you long after the final strum, ‘Easy Way’ is an emotive number as familiar as a home, yet fresh like a long-awaited summer holiday. Recorded in New York City with Alex Lleo’s full six-piece band and produced by Sahil Ansari, ‘Easy Way’ is a stunning display of Lleo’s uncanny ability to somehow stop you in your tracks and propel you forward in the same breath. Growing up in the small town of Lickey Hills in Worcestershire, England, Alex Lleo has always found inspiration in nature, constantly referencing it in his work and seeking it out in his travels, touring extensively throughout the UK, Europe, and most recently the U.S which lead to recording a bulk of new material in New York. Cutting his teeth with a formative residency in the alps of Norway, Alex Lleo’s seasoned musicianship has since seen him support the likes of Leif Vollebekk and Matt Corby, plus headline his own shows in Scotland, and back home at London’s famous St Pancras Old Church.

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