Album : Urban Escape - Open Sea

October 07, 2019

If you were looking for an album to warm up, as the temperatures gradually drop, here it is!

Here is "Open Sea", the debut album of Urban Escape, a group from Los Angeles, formed by four Brazilians in 2017.

It's even hard to believe that it's a debut album! Because it's very good!

And unless you are told, you would never have guessed their Brazilian origins, because there is no accent in singing.

Let's start this amazing musical journey, with a band you may fall in love with.

The album opens on "#54" and we can already feel the full potential of the band.

With a powerful intro, where all the members are engaged, we already know where we put our feet.

Crazy vocals, amazing melody. This album may be a delight.

"Angel" opens on a more mysterious side.

If you were a fan of Franz Ferdinand, you will appreciate this bouncing intro.

A very catchy chorus, and a powerful guitar solo confirms our first feelings : this album is worked.

And is very close to perfection. As this track is almost 5 minutes, we didn't feel time running.

And if you liked the song. Good news : there's a music video for it!

"Alone" is even more powerful. As the chorus is ending, we detect something in the voice...

We don't really know what, but like a kind of memory.

I got it. It's like I can hear "Hey, this is me, Chester Bennington, and I'm back to haunt you".

The resemblance is quite amazing when it comes to supported notes.

But it's pleasant. Like you're discovering a totally unknown universe, but you still have some landmarks.

We can really feel how deeply the members are involved in that track, we can feel the power of everyone. 

On the final part, it's like they're unstoppable.

If you enjoyed this track, there's also an incredible music video, released in August.

"This Is The End" opens on a quieter side.

But do not be fooled by appearances.

It quickly builds around bewitching vocals, supported by a discreet but effective echo, until an amazing catchy chorus.

You already feel your head shaking.

Incredible vocal flights conclude this new masterpiece.

"Holy Man" reminds us of another band: Coldplay, on the "X&Y" album released in 2005.

The art of mixing sweet melodies with energetic vocals.

I know bands don't really like to be compared, but in this case, it's rather flattering.

We love the end that goes down smoothly.

"Frankenstein" opens on a gradual intro.

Which could perfectly suit a movie, as it shows green landscapes of Portland's forests.

Maybe you guessed which movie it is.

Well, this track is more on the emotional side.

The melody is sweeter than in the other tracks.

No exaggeration on the end: all the power is under control.

As we already reached the middle of this album, maybe you feel like dancing now.

And maybe the band had anticipated that feeling.

Here is "Do You Want Me?"

This is the first music video the band released in May.

On this track, we appreciate the power of the guitars, and the very catchy chorus.

We keep the rhythm, throughout the song, until the last second.

A perfect radio track!

"Jack & Coke" offers a beautiful intro and smothered haunting vocals.

What a talent! Alternate quiet and percussive parts, so easily!

There is mastery, for sure! This band perfectly knows how to dose its music.

This track was amazing.

But it's not over, as "Neither Side" comes slowly.

Despite the background melody is beautiful, the voice gives us almost all the magic.

The final part can be surprising if you're not really prepared, but reminds us that Urban Escape can do everything.

With a quite long intro, "Everyday" appears, with amazing vocals on the first verse.

There's not much text in this song.

Even though it's very well written, as all the other tracks of the album.

But the power of this track is in the haunting "Oh-Oh"s part at the end.

"You Vs Me" announces that the end is near. Yeah. Already. We would have wanted 10 more songs haha, but it's already great.

We can imagine how hard the band worked on those 11 tracks!

Well, back to the song, where it says "One last try". Perfect ending.

Powerful choruses, indredible lyrics. For sure, this track could be released as a single, radio stations would play it!

Even if they may cut the end of the song, which, however, allows the album to end smoothly.

Without even realizing it, you probably had a listen to one of the best albums of the year.

It's hard to realize it's already over. 11 tracks is not enough when it's so good.

But as we previously said, it's much better to have 11 perfect tracks than 18 unfinished songs.

This band managed to create its own musical universe, even though we felt some Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand or Linkin Park vibes sometimes.

They have something special : if they succeeded in keeping us awaken in 11 tracks, without no repetitive impression, they will succeed in making a second album...

Then a third... And well. You got it.

This band can go very far. This is a sure value.

And that's why we wanted to talk about this album.

And don't ask us which track is our favorite. It would be impossible to tell.

We loved them all.

Play it, stream it, buy it, share it on the platform of your choice.

Singing / Guitar : Eric Urban

Guitar : Rafael Picoli

Bass : Julio Mendoza

Drums : Lucas Bidran.