Aasma - Going Nowhere

November 22, 2022

Dear beloved readers, we hope life treats you well. We know that you come here to discover extraordinary artists, often underrated, with a strong musical identity, who know how to give you chills with their music alone. And it's even better when they are incredibly creative and original.

Aasma ticks all the boxes. The artist from Sweden grew up listening to CDs by Sade and Enya. Exactly as I did, with my music-loving father who introduced me to the immersive musical journeys of artists like Mike Oldfield. Often relaxing and sometimes epic music, which transports you just by closing your eyes.

And this kind of artist is unclassifiable. They do not belong to a musical genre. They create their own musical genre! It is for this reason that it is all the more important to support them because the programmers of radio stations or the algorithms do not understand them.

Even at IMC, where we try to make it easier for you by sorting the songs by genre, we weren't sure if we had to create a specific genre for Aasma! So we ended up going for Indie Folk as it has some undeniable folk roots. But honestly, the song could fit into a "wonderful and epic gems" category.

On the first listen to "Going Nowhere", we were seduced by the light vocal performance and the discreet vocal harmonies, but also by the astonishing contrasts of the song. Alternating quiet parts, with an acoustic guitar and birds in the background, and epic and powerful parts with brass instruments, and impressive choirs. Between two powerful parts, a calm part... Accompanied by an... electric guitar! Yes, this artist is surprising and we love surprises.

We couldn't help but listen to more, and we went and delved into her discography on Spotify. We particularly had the pleasure of listening to the album "Daydreams", released in the summer of 2021, and we were impressed by the beauty of the trip and the diversity of the landscapes.

Like a rollercoaster of emotions, "Going Nowhere" is the first single from an album that will be released in 2023. We can't wait to get our ticket for this fabulous trip.

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