Larry Anthony - She's There

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The first time we heard "She's There" we thought "Wow, that's so catchy!" And we started singing along with Larry Anthony from the second chorus. As much to say to you that the melody is of formidable effectiveness!

The song is full of lightness, light, and good vibes. And we sincerely believe that it is impossible to listen to it without at least shaking your head. It's inevitable!

With an undeniable talent for writing, Larry Anthony, from Chicago, is a complete artist who recorded the song in his apartment. Young, talented, creative, Larry has everything to succeed.

The song tells a bit of the very special story that Larry has with his HS girlfriend. They ended up getting married, and no matter how far apart or what issues sometimes separated them, she was there and she is still there. It is therefore the most beautiful tribute he could pay her.

He's also a great human being who is easy to strike up a conversation with and has undeniable interpersonal skills. Life is made of encounters, surprises, and Larry is one of those encounters that we will never forget.

I even have trouble understanding why this song, released in 2019, doesn't have more streams on Spotify. That's kind of the question Luna asks herself all the time in her podcast "Why Doesn't Everyone Know These Songs?". Because the quality is so good that you will not be able to do without this track! So help us help Larry blow up the counters for "She's There" because it will be well deserved.

Special shout-out for the music video, very professional too!

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Let Love In" Playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.



She's there when I can't be there for myself
Oh, She's There

Hey Love,
I just want to mention that you don't need attention to be beautiful
& it's enough to kiss me on my birthday
cause neither of us really have that much
We may be young
We may be dumb
But all you need is love & guess what I got a lot of
Don't worry about getting it right
It's just life
So come & live with me tonight

She's there
When I can't be there for myself
She's there
Her kisses when like the wind in your hair
When she's there

She's There

You're right
It'll be hard when you're out in LA
But I swear I'll be out there someday
I was sleeping in my car tryin to get a degree
Now it's you & me
Said oh,
Let's get a little high & dream
Forget our responsibilities
Like we're still 17 sneaking around hooking upon your Grandma's love seat

She's there
When I can't be there for myself
She's there
Her kisses when like the wind in your hair
When she's there

She's There
She's there for me
She's There
& that's the way I want it to be


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