Dov started the blog "Indie Top 39" back in 2015, but the very first Indie Top 39 was shared only on 18/02/17. The last 18 months were life-changing and we saw insane growth. Now we have an amazing team that we will be introducing throughout the next few weeks.

Some of you might not be aware that Dov is also a singer-songwriter who is currently working on original music. So trust me when we say that it is rather difficult to play god while listening to new music discoveries. Especially in those moments when we need to say no to music. We feel your pain.

Dov is wearing many hats as he works as a Talent Sourcer, Career Coach, co-host for Sourcing Challenge Show podcast, and now one of the people behind the Songwriting Circle which launched in Feb via The Power of Indie.

When asked about the Songwriting Circle Dov simply replied:

"If I had a chance to be part of the global creative community at the age of 16 my life would have taken a different turn. Now it is so empowering to be able to shape the concept and create something truly unique that will benefit creatives".

Now, Dov's selection of song is on air on Indie Music Radio, from Monday to Friday, 6pm-7pm (UK Time)