Whylemin - Overgrown

November 18, 2022

"Overgrown" is the third single from Swedish singer-songwriter Sofia Ahnborg, aka Whylemin. A bit like the third chapter of her incredible musical journey, and by the way, the song has a secondary title "pt3: the evolution".

After the sublime and cinematic "Everytime", and the powerful and melancholic "Do You Ever Wonder", this new single marks a turning point in the singer's career. While the two previous singles were more pop-oriented and with a rather cold atmosphere, "Overgrown" stands out with its warm folksy vibes. However, the writing theme is not more joyful, but above all, it testifies to evolution, as the artist confides:

"This is a song about how being left repeatedly can change you as a person, into someone you don't recognize, someone you don't like. How it changes your dreams and your fears. It's describing kind of a reversed evolution since it feels like you're just becoming a weaker version of yourself".

Much more intimate than its predecessors, "Overgrown" allows us to get closer to the deepest emotions of the artist and invites us on a journey into her heart. Let's say it's a single much more connected to her innermost feelings.

This little gem also offers us a nice moment of disconnection. And a little fun fact: we shared another song called "Overgrown", a beautiful collab of Dom Malin and Luna Keller, also out today.

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