Virens - Salut!

January 26, 2023

There must be something magical about Birmingham. So many talented artists in a city is an unmistakable indicator! Dom Malin will release a new single tomorrow, then we will introduce you to Philippa Zawe in February. And today, it's the Virens duo's turn to settle down on IMC. And in addition, for a debut single!

Yes, it's quite incredible that it's a debut single because listening to this song, you could believe that this magical alchemy has been going on for decades. The two voices blend wonderfully, and the harmonies are wonderful. The writing is simple but perfectly controlled.

"Salut!" is a term that comes from French and means "Hi". So, yes, the pronunciation of the word "Salut" in the song is not the right one, but when it's not your main language, it's completely forgivable. It's even cute! After all, English is not our main language and yet you read us and understand perfectly, don't you? As the band says, the song "is about two people unsure where their relationship is heading but they know it's somewhere magical…and that's worth toasting to!" A bit like their musical encounter?

Louisa and James have also set the bar very high, in terms of production quality. We let ourselves be seduced easily, in a few seconds... and we want more!

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Salut!" on our "Indie Music Center" playlist on Spotify.


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