Tobias Arbo - Within

January 25, 2023

Only two months ago, we introduced you to Tobias Arbo, a talented Swedish singer-songwriter who enchanted us with his debut single "Saudade". Good news! He's back with a second single, from his EP due for release in Spring 2023.

And this second preview is a good omen and respects the very intimate atmosphere that the artist had been able to create in his previous single.

 If you like very soft and relaxing folk sounds, this is your man! With restrained vocals but delivering a perfectly dosed emotion, Tobias Arbo uses an external point of view for this new song, and it is all its originality: it is written from the point of view of his younger sister. The rivalries between siblings are the focus of the lyrics, which trace their story from childhood to now. And it all comes from watching videotapes, as Tobias explains:

"A few years ago, I found a box of video cassettes that my dad had recorded throughout my childhood. I started watching them and was reminded of the cheerful and vibrant child I was. But at the same time, it made me experience a kind of sadness, as memories of the shy and sensitive person that I'd also been clouded the image."

A rather solitary and anxious character, Tobias confides in this little musical gem that he has always had trouble being surrounded by others. And he regrets that it could have affected his sister:

"During my childhood, I experienced a lot of anxiety, at times having trouble being in school and hanging out with friends. I was five years old at the time my sister was born and it wasn't until I'd grown up that I started to reflect on how it might have affected her, having her older brother pulling away."

There is no doubt that she will be able to forgive the clumsiness of a child who did not know how to find his place, so touching is the song. Without multiplying unnecessary layers of instruments, the song remains simple, to keep the authenticity and sincerity of the message. And it works! As a listener, we remain attached to this voice and this guitar which changes its intonation during the last minute, like a deliverance and a new beginning.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Within" on our "Indie Music Center" playlist on Spotify.


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