Tiny Fighter - Vessels

April 13, 2021

Tiny Fighter is a band from Sweden that has accompanied us through the year 2020 with strength and courage. This is their third visit today at IMC, and the two visits of 2020 ended up with 2 features in our "30 Best indie songs of 2020". Suffice to say that the quality is always there.

Therese and her friends continue to promote the album "Going Home", with a new single and a new music video, for "Vessels".

Once again, Tiny Fighter wows with their professionalism, and the thrills have come quite quickly. Another very powerful bridge and an explosive final part, as we like them. The music video allows us to see Isabelle Ragnarsson & Sophie Blomqwist from the Ice Theater of Stockholm offering us an incredible artistic performance, which perfectly suits the universe of the song. Indeed, the song is made of uncertainties and instabilities. A bit like on ice. Excellent choice.

Therese's voice has an indescribable effect on me. From the first notes, as soon as I hear her sing, I have this emotional wave that overwhelms me. I think she could sing the phone book to me, I would have chills anyway. "You're not here but still by my side, so clear in my mind". Fortunately, this is not a phone book but rather heartbreaking lyrics about absence and lack of someone.

Poetry, magic, and power. This is how we can sum up the music of Tiny Fighter in just three words. Ah! Can't wait to find out more!

Included in our "Indie Rock" Spotify playlist.

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