Samuel Fairbank - freckles

November 04, 2022

Folk ballad, declaration of love, piano + guitar combo = IMC fell in love again with a song.

From the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Samuel Fairbank had already conquered us at the end of September with "Time to Time". A month later, he is back with "freckles", the title track of his EP.

About the song, Samuel says: "It's a sweet reflection of those early moments of falling for someone. A tender account of noticing the little details of that person who has swept you off your feet without them even knowing".

We've all experienced that moment when we fall for someone and we start to feel little butterflies in our stomachs, a little spark... What do we do with that? Do we jump in and say it all?

With superb vocals, and a perfectly dosed and controlled energy, Samuel Fairbank offers us in "freckles" an honest performance with beautiful vocal harmonies and a warm atmosphere.

"You're the gravity that captured me" is probably our favorite line and is a very good summary of the spirit of the song. If you're also at this fledgling stage of a relationship, maybe this song will be the trigger for something beautiful...

Scoring two points in a month on IMC, Samuel Fairbank is definitely an artist you're going to have to rely on. And then "freckles" is also the title of Kevin Atwater's song, which is the most-viewed song on IMC of all time. Maybe this title will bring luck to Samuel!

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