Jason Piquette - Roam

July 15, 2022

I love this time of year when the contrasts are striking on our beautiful planet. We are in sweltering heat in the northern hemisphere while our Australian friends are cold. But if you are a lover of beautiful things, and of nature, then you know that the outside temperature is not a criterion for enjoying a pretty song.

And Jason Piquette knows this well, having grown up in South Florida, where you can cook a pizza on the hood of a car in minutes. The artist realized very early on that it was easier for him to express himself through music than through speaking. With very colorful writing, filled with metaphors and sumptuous landscapes, Jason draws dreams, memories, and futures with his guitar. He had already seduced us for the first time with "Homeless" in October 2021. If at that time, you did like us and added Jason to your Spotify favorites, you will have noticed that a new single has been dropped today. And what a song!

Let's start with the voice. Clear, limpid, and fluid, this voice could sing me the telephone directory, that would not bother me. Sorry. For the youngest among you, the telephone directory was a huge book, thousands of pages, which listed all the (landline) telephone numbers in your area. It's a French metaphor that allows us to say how much we love a voice. Jason's is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard, and God knows I've heard thousands of them in my 21-year career.

"Roam", as its title suggests, invites you to wander in a beautiful natural landscape where a river flows. Feel the wind on your face, and the pleasure of being outside. After the last two years that we've all been through, we can say that the song is timely. A real breath of fresh air, which can be listened to in peace, why not in the middle of nature, at a reasonable volume to still be able to hear the birds singing. Very poetic and metaphorical, the song is an ode to freedom, and despite its very short duration (only two minutes and a half), it immediately transports us to a delicious disconnection.

Sometimes it doesn't take much for an artist to amaze us: just a guitar, a warm voice, and a sweet melody are enough to enchant us and allow us to escape just by closing our eyes. "Roam" is probably one of the most beautiful songs of this year. To put between all the ears greedy of folk acoustic sounds. This one must be on your Spotify playlist if you're a real indie music fan. And shared with your friends, family, colleagues, and why not your boss. Everyone will love Jason Piquette thanks to you. And he deserves it so much!

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Written with love by Niko. "Roam" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow for more amazing music!


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