Friday Releases Oct 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Juliper Sky - Waves

Clearly, Manchester still has great discoveries to offer. The sound of Juliper Sky is unique. It reminds us of talented bands like Pink Floyd or The Airborne Toxic Event. With a very neat rock, a very pleasant composition, and a singer seeming to come from the clouds, "Waves" is an invitation to travel. We appreciate the powerful choruses, the drums (sometimes discreet and sometimes omnipresent), and the presence of brass, not essential but which bring a touch of originality. The last part, more loaded with big electric guitars, finally convinces us that we made the right choice. This song is like a drug. It took us several plays to get rid of it, we had it so much in our heads.


Ronni Mardor - After May

No, you are not dreaming, we are in Autumn, even if this song has spring accents which are welcome. Like a little bird singing on its branch, Ronni Mardor, an Israeli-American singer, comes to enchant us with "After May". A pretty thin voice on a simple but catchy melody, it did not take more to be carried away. Indeed, it exudes simplicity. Beautiful vocal flights, a leaping chorus that stays in the lead, and here is the magic that operates: we feel a wind of freshness invade our ears. We appreciate his folk universe tinged with a little pop that smacks of good humor. In fact, Ronni has managed to create a strong and effective musical identity for himself. A great success.


Holly Havens - Muse

The story of this song is pretty amazing. Holly Havens had a dream. In this dream, she saw herself sitting at the piano and singing this song. Then she woke up, found the chords, and presto, the song was born! This is the kind of inspiration that we would all like to have every day because the result is exceptional. A universe that mixes piano and rock, which is rare among girls, and we love it. A beautiful musical personality with a voice of phenomenal power. Holly takes us into her punchy universe, where every note has its place. The radios will love it, because the chorus arrives very quickly and we quickly understand the full potential of the young artist. We will watch it closely because we are now impatiently awaiting an album!


Peyton Gilliland - Ones That Leave

It seems that there is an expression which says "it is the law of series". Indeed! It's rare to have girls on Indie Music Center, much to our regret. But having 3 in a row, we can say that this Friday Releases is an exceptional vintage! We can summarize this new single from Peyton Gillilandby: a powerful voice, on a relaxed rock (a bit like Amy Winehouse but much more awake and without artifice). The result is clean is impeccable and it is no coincidence because the song passed into the hands of a sound engineer who worked with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182 or the Lumineers, among others. We appreciate the alternation of calm and beautifully written verses, sung by a controlled voice, with very powerful choruses where the artist releases all his energy. All with a rather disconcerting ease, because the young girl is only 16 years old. A great musical success, and a promising future. And that is too good for the ears. Long live the girls!


Lucy Clearwater - Say The Word

This is what Julien Lepers, a famous TV game presenter, called the "4 in a row"! We continue all in femininity, with the very crystalline voice of Lucy Clearwater, which is aptly named. And this magnificent ballad which hides an incredible story, as the artist confided to us: "One cold morning in a cabin near Lake Tahoe, I wrote Say The Word. The guy I was in love with and whom I had just had Facetime, from Los Angeles. He had said he couldn't believe in our relationship due to our different worldviews. But, my feelings being too strong, I couldn't give up without fight. So I wrote this song, at the corner of the table, and putting all my heart into it. " And you know what? Good, it worked! It is obvious that we can only succumb to such words and such a warm voice. The melody is very gripping, and powerful in emotions. We appreciate the great sensitivity in interpretation and perfect mastery of the voice, which does neither too much nor too little. A delicate candy to be savored without restraint. This is the third single from an upcoming EP. And we can't wait to find out!


Bokito - Cut Her Down

We end today's trip in the UK with Bokito , a band of five crazy guys, who give us a very happy indie-pop sound despite being a breakup song. Yes Yes. Sometimes we need to know how to move on and celebrate a new part of our life after a breakup, rather than crying and lamenting our fate. This is somewhat the message behind this ode to the joy carried by these British people. Want to dance? The chorus will take care of it, with a bouncy and joyful melody! We loved it!